Thursday, February 7, 2013

You're DyNaMiTe: Valentine!

For Keebryn's Valentines Day party last year, we decided to make Homemade Dynamite Valentines! They turned out totally cute. We created a template for a rectangular shaped card with "You're Dynamite" typed on front, and printed them off the computer. 
This is a great project to get the Kidos involved!

 What Ya Need!!

*Coin Rollers (size nickle or quarter)
*Red spray paint
*Black yarn
*Black electrical paint
*Hot glue gun
*Taffy Candy (or some other type that will fit)
*Homemade Valentine card

What Ya Do!!

1)  To make the dynamite...
Roll out newspaper to cover ground outisde.  Use a glove, because you will have to hold the dynamite to spray paint.  Find the designated amout of coin holders all the same size (the nickle holders worked best, but quarter ones will work also) and hold one by the side.  Spray as you rotate with your gloved index in the coin holder.  When it is fully covered with a coat of spray paint, stand it on it's end.  You will repeat this for all coin holders.  Let them dry apx. 5 minutes and spray again... You want to cover all coin detail with red. 

2) When those completely dry, prepare your strings of black yarn.  Cut each piece apx. 3 inches in length and glue with a hot glue gun, to the inside flap of the crunchable end.  Now cut a small piece of electrical tape near the bottom, apx. 1/2 inch from botton, all the way around the coin roller. It's starting to look like a little dynamite :)

3) Now comes the good part... CANDY! We stuffed each with a strip of taffy candy, but whatever fits and works for your child will do great.  After they are stuffed, fold the tip down on all sides, leaving the black yarn to hang.

4) Then, simply glue the finished dynamite stick to your homemade Valentine card! Your Valentine needs to have space on the top or side to place your dynamite and it should read "YOU"RE DYNAMITE"!  Create a line for the child's name and a line for the name of the child donating the valentine. 

 Check out the video of Keebryn helping to make his valentine.... Super Duper Cuter!  Hope you enjoy making these with your kidos!

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