Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walking With the Master

Each day we wake in this life contains a mirage of blessings to be discovered. Every day is the dawning of a new path.  Just as blessings are a possibility, our paths can also be mingled with uncertainty.

Where the path will lead and what the days may hold, is a mystery to be unvailed as we take our journey. Often times the uncertainty twists it way into concern, then worry and anxiety. Blessings too often turn to grey as our doubts take full color.  We view our uncertain future and earthy existance, in much the same way. 

What would the path be like if everyday was surrendered to walking with the One who created it? The worries and frets about our day ahead and the years ahead, take an amazing turn when we do something simple that God desires from us. He desires, at the waking of each day, the dawning of each path, to hand the day to the Master. 

There's no better trail buddy than the One who knows all the answers!  Day surrender. Worries ceased.  Future secured.  All because of the Master. 
                                     John 13:13
                       You call me Master and Lord;
                                 and you say well;
                                     for so I am.

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