Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flavor Boost Cake Trick

 This is a simple trick that I use on some of my cakes and even cupcakes.  It can add a burst of flavor and surprise to any cake. 

What Ya Do... Is Totally Simple:

1) Pick out any flavor of jelly from your local grocers... In this picture, I used raspberry.  The possibilities are infinite; well at least limited to as many fruit preserves your grocer holds!  You could use Strawberry, Grape, Blackberry, Blueberry, Peach.... ETC!!  What ever kind you choose should work with your cake and buttercream flavor combination. This cake was a lemon cake with white chocolate buttercream and raspberry filling.  
2)  Pour the jar of preserves into a bowl and whisk until all lumps have disappeared.
3) Now use a condiment bottle.  ( I believe mine was a buck at a dollar store.)  Make sure it is a bottle that has a pointed tip like this one.  Pour the whisked jelly into the bottle. 
Have your cakes cooked and cooled.  Level your cake and place it on your cake board or server. 
 4) Use the bottle tip to poke a hole into the cake and squeeze.  Hold and pull up as you squeeze, to insure that the entire hole made from the tip... is filled with yummy filling.  Go in a circle, in inch increments around the cake and repeat on the next row until you reach the center.  Of course, if it is a square cake, go in rows, in inch increments. 
5) Your cake should have dollops of jelly filling about every inch so that each slice will have a couple of tasty surprises. 
6) If you have a double layered cake, ice the top of the jelly filling.  Then level the next layer and flip upside down, to place it on top of the first layer.  Now repeat with the same method to add flavor to the second layer.    When all is finished... Ice the cake as normal! 
What flavor combo will you try??!

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