Tuesday, July 15, 2014

S' Mores Crispy Treats

S' Mores Crispy Treats

This is surely not a recipe for meticulous measures ;)
I was in a rush to make something for a Sunday lunch and this is what resulted. Do, bare with me as my ingredients are centered around the word "about".

What Ya Need.
* Marshmallows (about 20 regular)
* Cinnamon square cereal ( ehhh.. about 2 cups)
Use more if you are not using ring cereal.
 * Honey Nut ring cereal OPTIONAL (however much you need to compensate for the lack of cinnamon squares )
* Butter (3 tbsp.) I guess ;)
* Mini Chocolate Chips (however many u want)

So, if you are still with me, you apparently are a person of non specifics ! Glad you are.

What Ya Do

* Melt marshmallows and butter on 2-3 in ssucepan. I used 9 giant ones but translated for those who had normal ones.
* Pour in cereal. If I had all cinnamon squares, I would have only used those, but I substituted with ring cereal.
* Pour and mix until it looks gooie enough to get into pan, but will not be too gooie to harden into cut able squares.
* Pour and level into greased 9 inch pan.
* Sprinkle with mini chips.

Hope it works :)

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